Black Friday is a popular shopping event that originated in the United States and typically occurs on the day after Thanksgiving, which falls on the fourth Thursday of November. It is considered one of the busiest shopping days of the year and marks the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. While the exact origins of the term "Black Friday" are debated, it is commonly believed to refer to the point at which retailers' balance sheets would go from being "in the red" (indicating losses) to being "in the black" (indicating profits) due to the surge in holiday shopping.

On Black Friday, many retailers offer significant discounts, deals, and promotions on a wide range of products, from electronics and appliances to clothing and toys. Retailers open their doors early, often in the early morning or even late at night on Thanksgiving Day, and shoppers line up in anticipation of these deals. In recent years, the popularity of Black Friday has led to a phenomenon known as "Black Friday creep," with some stores opening their doors on Thanksgiving evening itself to extend the shopping hours.

Black Friday has become a global phenomenon, with retailers in various countries adopting the concept of offering discounts and promotions to attract shoppers. In addition to physical stores, online retailers also participate in Black Friday sales, and many consumers now prefer to shop online to avoid the crowds.

The success of Black Friday has also led to the development of other shopping events, such as Cyber Monday (the Monday following Thanksgiving), which focuses on online sales and deals. These events collectively kick off the holiday shopping season and provide consumers with opportunities to find discounted items for their holiday gift shopping.

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